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The Getaway Trailer
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Ephim The Getaway Vietsub - HD| The Getaway

The Getaway

115 Phút

Quốc gia: Âu Mỹ

Đạo diễn: Roger Donaldson

Diễn viên: Alec BaldwinBurton GilliamDavid MorseJames StephensJames WoodsJennifer TillyKim BasingerMichael MadsenPhilip Seymour HoffmanRichard Farnsworth

Thể loại: Bí ẩn, Hành động, Hình Sự

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Vietsub #1
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Doc McCoy is put in prison because his partners chickened out and flew off without him after exchanging a prisoner with a lot of money. Doc knows Jack Benyon, a rich "business"-man, is up to something big, so he tells his wife (Carol McCoy) to tell him that he's for sale if Benyon can get him out of prison. Benyon pulls some strings and Doc McCoy is released again. Unfortunately he has to cooperate with the same person that got him to prison.
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