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Ephim Tình Nghĩa Giang Hồ Lồng Tiếng - HD| Invincible Medic

Invincible Medic

39 phút/tập

Đang phát: Hoàn Tất(20/20)

Tập mới nhất: 201918

Quốc gia: Hong KongTrung Quốc

Đạo diễn: Chiêu Trấn Cường

Diễn viên: Cảnh Đại ÂmChâu Tú LanLiêu Khải TríLý Lâm LâmThạch Tú

Thể loại: Chính kịch

0/ 5 0 lượt
Giới thiệu phim
"Bei Zheng" is an honest and upright hero who seeks to help others. He operates a clinic in the small town of Pu Ren Lane, with the help of assistants like "Lu Cheng," "Lü Ren," and "Mao Shi Jun." His friend's son, "Fong Chun," comes to learn from him and becomes an invaluable aide. The owner of the inn who rents out a storefront to "Bei Zheng" is infatuated with him, but he only has eyes for "Bai Su Yi". "Fong Chun" initially dislikes living with "Bei Zheng" but eventually sees the value in his work and learns from him. He abandons his career as a royal physician to follow "Bei Zheng's" aspirations. "Fong Chun" was initially engaged to "Bai Jing Wen," but he falls in love with "Xiao Qian," a prostitute. Their love affair leads to a tragic end when "Xiao Qian" is killed by "Bai Jing Wen."
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